Boy by Pool


The photograph is called Boy by Pool. I was taken in Chicago by Paul D’Amato. The picture was taken in 2005. Paul D’Amato was raised in Boston, Massachusetts during the civil rights movement. Growing up around this time led to his interest in making his work about class, community and everyday life. He moved to Chicago in 1988 and began photographing the local Mexican communities on the south side of the city in the Pilsen neighborhood. The picture above was taken during this period of his work.


Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

This picture is from Life Magazine. The photograph was taken in Havasu Falls, a part of the Grand Canyon. Havasu Falls is in the western end of the Grand Canyon, in the Havasupai Indian Reservation. Havasu Falls can be reached by a 14-mile horseback ride from the south rim of the Grand Canyon. In Indian the name Havasupai translates to “people of the blue-green water”. I think this is a fitting name considering the beautiful blue-green water that is shown flowing from Havasu Falls in this picture. This picture is so beautiful. It looks like the picture was taken with a long shutter speed because the water in the waterfall looks kind of blurred in the direction the water is flowing. This is a very interesting film technique. I really like that this picture is in color because it seems like it adds a lot to the picture as a whole. Honestly working with black and white film all this has kind of made me miss color film. This picture was taken by Frank Scherschel.

Hossein Fatemi



This picture was taken by Hossein Fatemi. It was taken in Tehran, Iran in a woman’s beauty salon. In Iran it is illegal for men to enter a woman’s beauty salon. It is also illegal for men to do a woman’s make-up. Tehran is the capital of Iran. Hossein Fatemi was born in 1980. He started his work as a photographer in 1997, and sense then he has traveled all around the middle east. He was named “Photographer of the Year” in 2006, 2007 and 2009 by the board of Iranian Photojournalists. It is a very interesting picture. It was taken by a man even though men aren’t aloud in these salons. I am not sure how they managed to take this picture, but that makes the photo more interesting.

Geert Goiris, Ecologists Place, 2006


I think that this picture is very interesting. The photo was taken by Geert Goiris at an ecologist site in 2006. The photograph is called ‘Ecologists Place’. The exhibit that this picture is in is called ‘Grace of Intention: Photography, Architecture and the Monument’. I think that it is the vantage point that makes this picture so interesting. From the vantage point that the author is at seems like it would be high in elevation. You can see the full expanse of the ecological site. On the left side of the picture it looks like there are some gravestones. I wonder why those are there? A lot of the mountains look like they’ve been carved into plateau type things. I think it is a good picture mostly because it really makes you think about what happened in this place and why it is significant.

Untitled #2451


Carrie Mae Weems, Untitled #2451, 1990

This picture is one picture in a trio of pictures in a series by Carrie Mae Weems, called Kitchen Table Series. Her Kitchen Table Series is a cinematic grouping of twenty photographs that stars the artist in an invented love story that revolves around a woman’s identity in relation to her male partner and child. She uses humor and narrative to tell a story with her pictures. She used specific props and characters to illustrate different scenes to explore stereotypes of race and gender. She focuses on African American culture to comment on racism and difficult topics. This picture shows two young girls playing cards at a dining room table. There is another young teenager-looking girl who looks like she might also be playing cards with them. There is also another women at the head of the table who looks like she is probably the mother of the three girls. I am not really sure what this picture is trying to portray. I think that maybe it is trying to show what life is like for a typical African American family.

~Ella Cinq-Mars



This Picture was part of the Picture This: Contemporary Photography and India Exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

This picture is called Zindagi. It was taken by: Max Pinckers, in 2014. It is from his series ‘Will they sing like raindrops or leave me thirsty’. It is a series about the complexity of love. He explores the way photographs can show the truth when it comes to complex subject matter like love. The series displays pictures about love and marriage in India. This picture is staged to exemplify how the scenes of romance from Bollywood films are just glits and glamour.

This picture shows an Indian man and an Indian woman under a cloth (I assume they are getting married). It looks like they are kissing but you cant tell because their faces are covered. They are by the ocean and it looks very romantic because they are holding each other. There is a young looking boy behind them on the beach taking a picture of them. It also looks like there is a corner of some kind of hunt in the picture. I think this picture is about the start of marriage when you are in the “honeymoon phase”. This is the stage in a relationship when either you just started dating or you just got married. Everything is new and exciting. The two people look very in love even though you can’t see there faces which is pretty cool because usually in photographs and in life we rely on emotion and facial expression to tell what someone is thinking.

~Ella Cinq-Mars

Couple Kissing


From the Multitude, Solitude: The Photographs of Dave Heath Exhibit.

I’m not really sure what it is about this picture but I find it very intriguing for some reason. The couple looks like they are in a relationship and are comfortable with each other. I just got out of a relationship so i think seeing this picture of a happy couple just brought up a lot of emotion. And that’s what good art does, it makes you feel something.

This picture is one of the ones we looked at when we went to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. It was taken in 1961 by Dave Heath. It has been a part of a few exhibits but it is one of his less popular works so it was hard to find information on it. The name of this picture is simply ‘Couple Kissing.  A fitting title.

~Ella Cinq-Mars